HeiQ Synbio Clean - Allergen Spray (180ml)

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Product by HeiQ



When cleaning with HeiQ Synbio Clean, you take advantage of our friends the probiotics (good bacteria) by applying a layer of them to the surface. The probiotics produce enzymes that break down the dirt into tiny particles during and after cleaning, absorbing the particles and digesting them as food. The probiotics work for days after application, providing a long-lasting cleaning effect. The result: a microscopic deep cleaning and a long-lasting absorption of odors.



Cleaning with harsh chemicals might provide temporary relief, but such products can be harmful to you and those around you.


Probiotics are good bacteria which will break down dirt and digest it during, and long after cleaning. 


Probiotics are 100% natural and biodegradable, meaning that they are great for you and great for your environment. 


A long-lasting cleaning provided by our microscopic friends, who will keep working for up to 5 days.


We seize the opportunity and reduce the allergens in our home , e.g. pollen allergens by 90%  and house dust mite allergens by 60% !  Just try!

  • This versatile synbiotic cleaning spray colonizes surfaces and the environment with good bacteria
  • Probiotics effectively remove common allergens such as dust mite matter, proteins in cat and dog hair, or dander
  • Probiotics can continue to work for days after spraying, ensuring a long-lasting effect
  • Thanks to microscopic deep cleaning, even the smallest impurities are removed
  • Removes and prevents unpleasant odors
  • Helps maintain a balanced microbiome on treated surfaces
  • Patented HeiQ Synbio Technology inside
  • Made in Belgium
  • Composition complies with EC directives: Bacillus ferment; PHENOXYETHANOL; fragrances. (Check if this is on the bottle)

Recommended Usage

  • Spray bed/sofa every day for one week
    After the first week, spray only twice a week
  • The continuous mist of the spray bottle ensures an even application


180ML Bottle