SMU-X Design Thinking COLLABORATION with Mate-X

SMU-X Design Thinking COLLABORATION with Mate-X

Introduced in 2015 as a university-wide programme, SMU-X is an experiential learning framework which calls for students to take on real- world challenges by collaborating on projects with corporates, non-profit and government organizations. The framework represents a paradigm shift in the traditional approach to teaching and learning; from being teacher-centred to students taking ownership of their own learning. SMU-X also enables a mind-set shift for the University by encouraging internal collaboration amongst its faculties and external collaboration with its stakeholders.


Mate-X’s blueprint to be a world-class Clean & Green Innovative Tech & Solution Provider, to actively promote and maintain a global sustainable movement and foster future young entrepreneurs with a better tomorrow perspectives, brought it to extend its existing collaborations with SMU outside the conventional classroom.


Working closely with Prof Wilson and his class of MASTERS students, we relooked at our key statements and pillars of growth across the areas of “Health & Well Being, Active Lifestyle Wear and Environmental Solutions” using probiotics Mebyo® as a catalyst for the proliferation of the exchanges.


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