HEIQ Chrisal Launches Synbiotic Skincare with Bacillus Spores

HEIQ Chrisal Launches Synbiotic Skincare with Bacillus Spores

Microorganisms populate almost every area of our Planet. They are found in environments ranging from the deep sea, hot springs and other extreme environments to more apparently benign habitats closer to home, including quite literally any surface in our homes.

Maintaining or improving a healthy skin microbiome the use of pre-, pro- and post biotics are gradually gaining importance in personal care.Similar to the well-known use of probiotics and prebiotics to positively influence the gut microflora, probiotic and synbiotic skincare technology was recently introduced into the skincare market to modulate the skin microbiome. The best-known probiotic bacteria include members of the genera Bacillus, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Bacillus is mostly found in nature (such as soil and water) and very adapted to changing conditions. It is one of the most widespread species and frequently found on skin. This will boost the performance of the probiotics in the product, and second, promote the development of already present ‘Desirable’ organisms and promote microbiome diversity.

HeiQ Chrisal has developed a symbiotic, patented synbiotic concentrate containing Bacillus spores from selected species in combination With inulin. The spores offer an elegant solution for incorporating bacteria in a cosmetic product. Because of their robustness towards external factors like low and high temperatures and pH, as well as good compatibility with other active ingredients, they can be easily used in cold and hot processing. This makes them very versatile and amenable for use in almost any type of cosmetic product.

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