Supergard SG (100ml)

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Product by Matex



Supergard SG is a Multi-Repellent Hygienizer Spray which is suitable to be used on most surfaces to protect and prolong the durability of the products. Easy applications methods through spraying and soaking then dry completely in room temperature. Re-apply as required.

  • MULTI-REPELLENT HYGIENIZIER - Protects surfaces and prolong product durability with Water Repellent properties
  • SELF CLEANING - Easy and fuzz-free cleaning!
  • VERSATILE - Easy to use and suitable to be used on most surfaces (eg. Shoes, Bags, Curtains, Tablecloths & even Masks!)
  • Hypoallergenic, Excellent Breath ability, Soft Hand Feel, Odorless, Water-Based and does not influence color change or hand feel after application
  • Singapore Innovation by Matex



1x Supergard SG (100ml)